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Meet a Volunteer

Meet a Volunteer 2015-09-24T06:46:34+00:00

Issa Jeppesen is a volunteer at the Palestinian organisation MADA through the Danish House in Palestine. Since 2006 MADA has worked to improve working conditions for journalists in Palestine and ensured that journalists have the opportunity to register the experiences that prevents them from carrying out their work.

“I am in many ways grown up with the conflict and Palestine has always been a subject of concern in the environment I come from and in my family. People around me have always felt extremely indignant about what is going on down here and it has been passed on to me. I have always wanted to visit Palestine and experience the conditions that Palestinians live under and to strike a blow for the Palestinians, which in my eyes are living a life that is characterised by injustice.”

“I think that the biggest challenge in working here stems from that many organisations in Palestine do not have much experience with volunteers. As a Danish volunteer, it might be a challenge if you expect to work really hard. For the work burden might not be significant. But this challenge can be turned into something positive, because you have plenty of opportunity to launch a lot of projects yourself. ”

“I was looking for an internship, which were within the field I deal with: social studies and journalism. In this context, I contacted the Danish House in Palestine, I described my skills and my profile and they matched me and MADA. The main purpose was to channel my academic grades into something that I think will benefit the Palestinian cause and to gain insight into the challenges Palestinians face in their everyday lives. I had a desire from the beginning to get an insight into the conditions Palestinian journalists are working under and what specific issues they are struggling with. I have gained much more insight into this subject through MADA than I would have achieved if I stayed in Denmark reading it all in a book at the university.”