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The Danish House in Palestine (DHIP) is an independent organisation based in Ramallah, Palestine. DHIP is working on a cross cultural mandate. Our board, staff, partners, visitors and project participants represent both Danes and Palestinians.


Strengthening the mutual understanding and appreciation between Danish and Palestinian cultures, as well as encourage values of diverse, open and tolerant societies.


Fostering the opportunities for cultural and educational exchange and cooperation between Danes and Palestinians on individual and institutional levels.


DHIP believes in equal and mutually beneficial partnerships between Danes and Palestinians.

DHIP is committed to promote volunteerism at the core of its work and as a relevant mean of achieving its strategic objectives.

DHIP aims to be a transparent organization and expects its supporters and partners and others to hold DHIP accountable to its vision and mission and business practices.

DHIP aims to design and implement projects that are formulated in collaboration with partners and are sustainable and hence has the potential to continue beyond DHIP’s involvement.

DHIP design and implement all projects with a human rights based approach.

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